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The Curious Dentist eNewsletter is Launching Next Week

e-newsletter title for blog

Hello my fellow curious dentists!

Many of you keep in touch through Facebook or Twitter, but you’ve pointed out to me that it’s easy to miss new posts if we only keep in touch through social media channels.

So I’m launching “The Curious Dentist eNewsletter” to help you keep track of the latest articles.  On the last Wednesday of the month, you’ll receive a friendly letter from me.  It’s like I’m giving you a high-five through your inbox.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Recent Posts: A quick look at what you might have missed with a link directly to the article.

From the Archives: In this section I’ll highlight a popular article from the past.  Nostalgia!

Available for Download: Online resources that you can immediately download and put to use in your practice.

Here’s what you WILL NOT get:


Spam from other companies (I will never sell or share your addresses with anyone)

Random selections from my iTunes playlist (although my taste is music is pretty sweet)

If you’re interested, you can sign up on the left side of the screen or below.




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