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The DSO Bubble on “The Dentalpreneur Podcast”

Dr. Mark Costes has become a powerhouse in podcasting and lecturing.  He runs one of the most successful podcasts, “The Dentalpreneur Podcast,” and he has a regular presence in many of our e-mail inboxes.

Mark started off with some questions about the editorial process for Dental Economics and then we got into the nitty gritty.  We shared some advice about becoming a dental speaker and then moved to the large economic forces that are shaping dentistry.

I was really excited to talk to him about DSOs.  I coined the phrase “The DSO Bubble” to suggest that the growth of corporate dentistry may not continue at its current pace in the long term.  I’m not anti-DSO, but I am seeing some signs that their growth may not totally overtake traditional private practice.

You can check out the interview wherever you listen to podcasts or by clicking this link.

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