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At your next event, get your audience excited and inspired.

Dr. Salierno has lectured around the world on practice management and clinical dentistry.  He has lectured at national dental conferences, manufacturer training events, dental schools, and study clubs.



Growth in a Flat Dental Economy
Gone are the days were a dentist can hang their shingle, take great care of their patients, and expect their business to thrive. ADA research has shown that dental spending by US adults has been flattening for well over a decade. Dentists must take as good of care of their practice's health as they do their patient's oral health. In this course we'll make sense of the current climate and strategize how an independent practice can prosper.


Managing Profit in the Dental Practice

Profit should not be a dirty word in dentistry. A practice that is more profitable is able to attract and retain team members, invest in technology to better serve their patients, and be more charitable to those most in need. Fortunately we can maximize profit without sacrificing quality of care. In this course we'll examine how our businesses can accidentally hemorrhage money. We'll focus our teams on delivering the best care possible without sacrificing our bottom line.


The Four Types of Dental Systems
The secret to managing a successful practice is systems. Whether you’re figuring out how to improve accounts receivable or market to new patients, your approach should be the same.  There is no single playbook that will work for every practice but there is a leadership philosophy that will consistently get results.  In this course we’ll reveal the critical dental practice systems and give you the skill set you’ll need to customize and implement them into your own business.

Think like a CEO

Dental practices have been able to thrive as small, independent businesses. However there a number of economic factors today that are threatening the way our practices have traditionally operated. With the looming threats of increased competition and decreasing revenue, dentists will benefit from learning how to think like a CEO. In this workshop we will learn about and use popular management models to re-imagine our businesses. Participants will complete worksheets and discuss specific strategies for their own practices.

Super-charging Case Acceptance
Most dentists think their case acceptance rate is above 90%, but their practice reports would tell them otherwise. How are these cases falling through the cracks?  This course will give you the practical tips and power phrases to help your patients share your vision for comprehensive dentistry. Whether your office is fee-for-service or participating with third-party plans, you and your team will learn systems for getting patients engaged in their care.

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