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Registration is Open for My Favorite Conference

For the past nine years I’ve attended the ADA New Dentist Conference.  My first time was as a freshly-graduated dental student; my last time was as the Chair of the New Dentist Committee, which hosts the event.  In those nine years I’ve gone from resident to associate to practice owner.  Much of what I enjoy about the conference changes as I’ve progressed through those stages.

First, I was very into CE.  I still am, but in those early years I hadn’t seen many implant or cosmetic dentistry courses from the masters.  After a few years I was more attracted to the comraderie.  I loved seeing my new friends once a year.  I looked forward to trading stories about being an associate and taking the plunge into ownership.  The past four years I’ve been a member of the ADA New Dentist Committee so I had a lot of responsibilities to keep the show running.

This year, in Kansas City, I’ll be back to being just a “regular attendant” again and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m interested to see how my relationship with my favorite conference will have evolved.

I’m going to sign up for Diwakar Kinra’s hands-on endo workshop and Roger Levin’s practice managment course.  I’m often asked by my lecture audiences where they can find great courses on certain topics.  This conference is my answer.  There are hands-on workshops in endo, cosmetic dentistry, and implants this year.

Hope to see you there!



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