8 Most Popular Curious Dentist Articles for 2014

It’s been a crazy and wonderful year for me.  My biggest news was certainly that I took over as Chief Editor of Dental Economics in July with my first issue published in September.  Although it has taken away some of my time that would have been devoted to this site, I plan to continue to run The Curious Dentist for the foreseeable future.  I’m just having too much fun here.  Thank you to all who read, comment, and share via social media.  You are the reason I keep this site alive.

Here are the 8 most popular articles based on a quasi-scientific formula I use based on page views, social shares, and comment section activity.

See you in 2015!

(8) What I Learned From Almost Getting Sued

Oh man, this still makes my blood boil when I think about it…

(7) I Took a Patient to Court for Collections

Well, here’s a story about how I didn’t let a former patient get away with it…

(6) 3 Reasons Dental Grads Should Do a GPR

If you’re a dental student, please, please consider doing a GPR before entering the working world.  Here’s why…

(5) Overhead Percentages for Your Practice

Is your practice hemorrhaging money?  Here’s a picture of what your overhead should look like and how to calculate it…

(4) Rescuing Food Traps Around Implants

My favorite topic to write and lecture about, clinically-speaking, is implant complications.  In this post I present what is perhaps the most common, minor restorative complication that can drive your patients crazy…

(3) Is This the End of the World as We Know It?

Sorry for the sensational title, but I think we do need to pay attention to the changing business model of dentistry…

(2) Learn from my Experience with Stericycle

This generated a ton of interest from readers.  Not only were there several comments but I also received numerous private emails from dentists who also felt they had been swindled.  Business owners beware…

(1) Depression and Dentistry

I lost a friend this year to depression.  Personally, I have suffered from mild depression a couple of times over the years but nothing serious.  Are dentists more prone to being depressed?  That isn’t clear, but what is clear to me is that society in general should be better educated about mental illness…

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