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3 Most Controversial Posts from The Curious Dentist

It’s been almost two years since I launched this blog and I must say it’s been a great ride.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the growth of the number of readers, especially the international audience.  Thank you to everyone who keeps in touch via Facebook and Twitter!

I’ve also really enjoyed the great dialogue in the comments section.  We’ve had some great discussions about clinical techniques, favorite materials, and philosophies of practice management.

But what has been a complete surprise are the number of patients who read the blog and comment.  Most of them are very sweet, but some are not too fond of dentists.  For some reason they decide to vent their opinions in this forum and it makes for some interesting reading.

So here are the three posts from the past two years that generated the most debate, most comments, and stirred up some trouble…

Centric relation is a controversial topic to begin with, so it’s no surprise that my two cents would raise a few eyebrows.  Telling someone that their philosophy of CR is wrong is like telling them that their religion is wrong.

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of “overhead.”  Just how much does it cost us to do a procedure?  I mean really cost us?  I ran the numbers and got a surprising result that sparked some interesting debates.

Oh boy.  A few patients were not very happy with this one.  Fortunately they weren’t patients from my practice; these are just people who stumbled across my blog and got hot and bothered by this post.  The comments section is definitily worth a read.


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