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10 Most Popular Curious Dentist Articles of 2013

Another year has come and gone.  What have we learned?  I learned to not write about amalgam conspiracies because some non-dentists will lose their minds and start spamming the comments section with inane dribble.  Nah, I’ll just keep writing about whatever we want.  Internet bullies be damned!

Thank you for continuing to read and support The Curious Dentist.  This site has grown tremendously over the past 3 years and I’m still having a blast discussing dentistry with you all.  Many of you keep up to date with this site via FacebookTwitter, and Youtube.  You may also chose to receive our monthly newsletter which lists articles you may have missed.  However you use this site, thanks for helping build our Curious Community.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!

(10) 8 Photos You Need for Cosmetic Dentistry

Taking pre-op photos of my cases has dramatically improved case presentation and treatment planning.

(9) 3 Resources for Making Your Endo Awesome

I’m not an expert at endo, but here are some people who are…

(8) Implant Emergence Profiles Made Ridiculously Easy

A subtle technique that makes a big difference in implant restorations.

(7) 10 Things the ADA Did for You This Year

They’ve been working hard to protect and advance our profession.

(6) 3 Techniques for Cementing Implant Crowns

Left over cement is a silent killer for implants.

(5) A Letter to Corporate Dentistry

We’re all dentists.  Let’s work together to protect our profession.

(4) How I Do a Core Build-Up

A quick case study to show my technique for a common procedure.

(3) Does Dental School Cost Too Much?

Yes, yes it does.  I had no idea just how much debt we’re all in.

(2) How to Kill A Successful Practice in 3 Years

Here’s what NOT to do when you buy a practice.

(1) I’ve Had Enough of Mall Whitening

I seriously hope the ADA is able to take these guys down when this goes before the Supreme Court.

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