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10 Most Popular Curious Dentist Articles of 2012

As we bid farewell to another year, I’d like to take a moment to compile a list of the most popular articles on The Curious Dentist.  They generated interesting conversation,  were shared on social media, or even sparked heated debates.

If you missed some of these, may I suggest following the blog on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay in the loop.  I post content on social media that does not appear on this site, such as sharing notable dental news or live updates from conferences.  Another great way to keep up to date is the join the e-mail list, which is listed on the right and on the bottom of this page.  I send two e-mails a month updating the readers on the latest content.  I don’t spam and I don’t share my e-mail list with any companies, of course.

The past few years have been challenging for dentists, as we’ve often discussed on this site.  So let’s raise a champagne glass and welcome 2013!

(10) Critical Reports You Need to Manage Your Practice

If we’re going to take charge of our practices, we need to know what statistics are vital to our survival.

(9) 4 Best Books for a Dental Entrepreneur

These are some of the books that helped ignite my entrepreneurial spirit.

(8)  Review: Dental Surgery Game for iPhone

This post became much more popular than I had expected.  Has anyone played this game?

(7) 5 Gunners You Meet in Dental School

When I lectured to dental students this year I was often approached by members of the audience about this one.  We shared a few laughs and swapped stories about some of our least favorite classmates.

(6) 4 Dumbest Things I Believed When I Graduated Dental School

Many dental experts and economists agree that our profession had changed significantly in the last decade; perhaps more so than any other ten-year span.  I started dental school in 2001 and I had no idea what was about to happen…

(5) How Much a Crown Actually Costs

This generated a lot of discussion.  I broke down the cost of almost every piece of overhead involved in producing a single crown.  The results were quite surprising…

(4) The Rise of Viral Dentist Jokes

Apparently dentists need to blow off some steam.

(3) 3 Common Misconceptions about Centric Relation

This is an older piece but it still gets a lot of attention.  Centric relation is always a hot topic and probably will be for a long time to come.

(2) Snap-On Smile as an Alternative to a Flipper

This was almost ranked number one.  Take a look at the comments sections and you’ll see that a lot of patients are looking for dentists that can do Snap-On Smiles.  I’m a fan of using this technique as a provisional for implants, especially if it keeps us away from flippers.

(1) A Flipper Shouldn’t Be Your First Choice: Alternative Implant Provisional Restorations

Year after year this is probably my most viewed article.  This piece also gets heavy traffic from non-dentists.  The lesson here is patients hate flippers and want more creative provisional solutions.


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