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The White Coat Investor is Awesome


The world of dentists blogging for dentists is pretty small.  I’ve been playing in that world for about four years now and I finally just came across one of the best ones yet.  Maybe he’s been off my radar because he’s not a dentist; he’s a physician.

Dr. Jim Dahle is The White Coat Investor, and man, is he good.  His content is engaging and well-researched.  He writes frequently.  But perhaps my favorite feature is that he limits his focus to an area about which I know very little.  Seriously, I don’t have a great head for mutual funds, IRAs, and other concepts that are already making my eyes roll back.  But these are critical topics for dentists to understand on some level and he’s a great place to start.

I do own a copy of Personal Finance for Dummies and it’s a terrific reference.  Basic definitions are laid out cleanly so you can start to wrap your head around these elusive financial concepts.  But the book can’t give advice specifically for health care professionals.  You’ll learn about the different types of IRAs and 401Ks, but which one is right for dentists?  That’s where The White Coat Investor comes in.

Dr. Jim is brutally honest in his financial discussions.  He’ll even show you the returns he makes on his investments.  He lays it all out there.  You’ve got to respect an author that does that.


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