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“The TMJ and Occlusal Adjustment” E-Book Now Available

Question: Are night guards effective in treating TMJ pain?

Answer: Nope.  Night guards are great for diagnosing certain TMJ conditions, but not for treatment.

For a full explanation and other surprises, check out our first e-book available on The Curious Dentist.

Occlusion and the TMJ have always fascinated me.  Ever since dental school, I have committed myself to reading dozens of books and articles on these two related subjects.  However for the first few years I only seemed to get more confused.

That’s because there are a few competing theories on occlusion out there.  In addition, the TMJ is a well-researched but poorly understood part of the body.  We know how it functions but we don’t have a great understanding on why it fails.

Fracturing restorations, tooth and muscle pain of unknown origin, popping and clicking joints… these are the symptoms.

Anterior guidance, centric relation, centric occlusion, wear facets, occlusal adjustment, night guards… these are all terms and treatments that will help us help our patients.

“The TMJ and Occlusal Adjustment” is my short primer on a massive subject.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn more, this book will help give you a solid foundation.

I’ve trimmed the fat.  There are no unnecessary sections of trivial information.  I’ve cut my philosophy down to 40 pages of honest talk, simple diagrams, and real case studies.  By the end, you will have a working knowledge that will introduce new therapies into your practice.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Cheers!


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