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“Surgical-Restorative Resource” Update #4

Welcome to back to a buffet of first-rate clinical case studies by leading clinicians.  Along with Dr. Scott Froum, I’m co-editor of the Surgical-Restorative Resource, a website devoted to teaching the team approach to complex care.  If you’d like to get monthly updates on the latest content from our e-newsletter, you can sign up here.

Need a review of proper tooth reduction?  Shallow preparations are one of the leading causes of poor esthetics and hygiene complications.  Dr. Adamo Notorantonio discuss his philosophy and walks us through a beautiful case.

Dr. Lee Ann Brady is a prominent lecturer and blogger on cosmetics and occlusion.  In this article she focuses on the technical details of veneer preparation.  What’s the difference between a minimal prep and an extensive preparation and why would we choose one over the other?  Read on for answers…

Here’s an excellent summary of the various causes and treatments for patients with tooth sensitivity.  As a periodontist, Dr. Tina Beck shows some excellent root coverage cases that will illustrate what can be surgically possible.  She also reviews her non-surgical protocol that can help patients along the way.

Dr. Michael Wei has a solution for patients who can’t afford extensive work but need a temporary solution.  I’ve written about Snap-On Smile before and I enjoy using them as provisionals during implant therapy.  Dr. Wei shows interesting cases and describes what’s needed to get started.

The dental laboratory world is in a state of flux right now.  Work is outsourced overseas, training programs for technicians are closing, and costs are out of control.  Steven Pigliacelli CDT gives an eye-opening account of what’d going on in the industry and where we may be headed.  Do you know what happens to the impression you send to your lab?  Is there hope for the future?


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