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One Personal Note, Once a Week, Will Create Raving Fans

I’ve discussed before that perhaps the best source of referrals is your own pool of satisfied patients.  It’s more effective and costs less than running a newspaper ad, for example.

The trick, of course, is getting your patients to refer their friends, family and co-workers.  How does one do that exactly?

The first step is to realized that a “satisfied patient” may refer new patients to your practice over time, but a “raving fan” will do so more often and sooner.

There are numerous, cost-effective ways to bring the “WOW factor” into your practice.

In one post, I talked about promoting the businesses of your patients.  In another post, I discussed personalizing your new patient letters.

Now I’d like to challenge you to write a note, once a week, to someone you know.

Can you remember the last time you received a hand-written note in the mail?  I bet you were very impressed that someone took the time to personally reach out to you.

I promise it will only take ten minutes tops.  And all it costs is a box of blank cards and some postage.

Here are my top five categories of notes I will write:

(1) A thank you note to a patient who has referred a new patient to me.

(2) A compliment to a dental colleague who went above and beyond to provide great care for a patient of mine.

(3) A note of congratulations to a dental colleague who has achieved something in our field, such as opening a new office, a new position in the dental society, etc.

(4) A touching letter of condolence to a patient who has lost a loved one.  This may not be appropriate depending upon the circumstances and how well you know the patient.

(5) Sentiments of well wishing to a patient who has started a new business.

More ideas about creating “raving fans” will follow in future posts.  In the mean time, check out a great book call “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.


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