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My New Year’s Resolution for You

Last week I was inducted as President of the Suffolk County Dental Society.  It was a tremendous honor made even more special to be surrounded by the dental family that I’ve built over the years.  But enough about me; this is about you.

When we’re in dental school we made the difficult decision whether or not to get involved in organized dentistry.  I say “difficult” because dental school is, as you know, four of the most intense years of your life.  Taking time out of your already busy schedule to volunteer in the American Student Dental Association isn’t easy.  But the rewards are priceless.

Today, being involved in organized dentistry means time away from the practice, friends, and family.  But again, the rewards are priceless.  As you become more involved in the ADA you pick up subtle skills that make you a better person.  You’ll be a better public speaker, you’ll be more informed about controversial issues, you’ll communicate better with patients, and you’ll be able to run your business better.  Perhaps most importantly of all, you’ll build your dental family: colleagues from around the country whom you’ll be proud to call a friend.

ADA Immediate Past-President Dr. Bob Faiella, SUNY Stony Brook Dean Ray Williams, me, and ADA President Dr. Charles Norman

On this blog we often discuss the myriad of challenges facing our profession.  I want to take a moment to acknowledge the many thousands of dentists that help us overcome those challenges.  Through the ADA I’ve met some of the most brilliant, creative, and caring people in my life.  We may disagree about how to solve a problem from time to time, but we’re still on the same team fighting that problem.

So here’s my New Year’s resolution for you: however involved you may be in organized dentistry, please get just a little bit more involved.  If you aren’t a member, let’s make this the year we welcome you into the ADA.  If you already are a member, let’s connect you to a project that interests you.

If we allow ourselves to become passive, the ever-present threats to our way of life will divide and conquer us.  Let’s get you a little more involved this year and I promise you’ll have some fun along the way.


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