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Marketing your Dental Practice Online for Dummies

I recently co-wrote a chapter in “The ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing,” which is now available in print and as an e-book.  My good friend, Dr. Colleen Greene, and I tackled the topic of blogging for your business.  Other chapters include SEO, social media, reputation management, legal concerns, and other goodies that you’ll want to reference when building your brand online.

They brought out some impressive authors, including Dr. Edward Zuckerberg (pappa of Mark), Presidents and founders of different marketing companies, and the ADA Council on Communications, among others.

I’ve read quite a few books about online marketing and the one thing they had in common was that they weren’t written for dentists.  Sure, there were valuable lessons that could easily be applied to our profession, but they weren’t specifically for us.  This book is written just for us and has the ADA seal of approval, so you know it has been properly vetted.

My recommendation is to appoint someone in your office to help you with your online presence; this is challenging to do entirely by yourself.  You should even add “Internet Marketing Coordinator,” or something like that, to their title so they know it’s a serious initiative.  Read the book yourself and then share your favorite elements with this team member.  It will serve as a great playbook to reference because it is filled with best practices for successful marketing.


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