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Market your dental practice on these three social media sites

Sara Aisenberg has a background in online dental marketing. She currently works for as a content writer and marketing specialist. As a recent college graduate, social media is a part of Sara’s daily life. Using this interest and her writing skills, Sara strives to help business owners market their businesses as effectively as possible.

These days, you can’t rely on word-of-mouth and print advertising to market your business. As an online marketing specialist, I know just how important Internet marketing is to any company’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re promoting a clothing boutique, a bond insurance company or a dental practice, social media marketing is key. To help you get started, you should use three social media sites to market your dental practice.

1. Facebook

As the most-used social network, your marketing efforts should begin on Facebook. Create a business page for your practice that your current and potential patients can “like.” Once you’ve established your profile, host giveaways and use incentives to build your fan base. To encourage your patients to “like” your page, put a laptop or tablet in your office waiting room. To further develop your online presence, virtually connect with other local businesses and interact with your fans every day.

2. Google+

Although it’s one of the newest social media platforms, Google+ allows you to share information in a new way. When signed into Google, you can connect with people you know, post statuses and add photos — similar to Facebook. What sets Google+ apart is that you can share articles and Web site by clicking the +1 button that most quality Web sites have. Depending on your settings, your Google+ connections will see the article or Web site you shared. Clicking the +1 button on your own dental blog posts is a great way to share your content with your connections. To draw patients to your Google+ account, use the same fan-building strategies you use for Facebook.

3. YouTube

Many dentists don’t use videos in their Internet marketing plan, so doing so will set you apart from the crowd. Patients don’t want to see graphic videos of oral surgery, so instead, focus on the positive aspects of your office by creating videos about your friendly staff, your state-of-the-art facility and your happy, smiling patients. Simply sign up for a YouTube account, upload videos and share them on your Facebook and Google+ pages. Your patients will appreciate the quality information you provide and will be impressed by the professional yet personal nature of your dental office.

By taking advantage of these free and easy-to-use social media platforms, you’ll be able to connect with your current and potential patients in a new, personal and modern way.


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