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Make Your Website More Visible for Free, Part One: Go Organic

In a perfect world, your website would appear first when people search for your services in Google.  As we know, this rarely happens without paying lots of cash.

In this series, I will explore free methods of making your website appear higher up in search engine results page.  They don’t even require a lot of work!  But first let’s briefly discuss the ways you can pay for better visibility.

One method of paying for that precious real estate at the top of a results page is to sign up for a sponsored link.  Type anything into Google and you’ll see a few links at the top and on the right hand side of the page.  They are clearly marked as “sponsored links” or “ads.”  Very visible, but some people avoid these sites because they know it’s a paid advertisement and not an organic search result.  For more info on these types of links, check out or

Sponsored VS Organic Search Results

The other approach is to pay a company to try to make your site appear higher in the organic section.  I’ve already shared my opinion in another post that I’m not a fan of paying up to $300 a month for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To clarify, I think it’s great to have your website appear high up in organic search results.  My concern is that dentists may be paying too much for that privilege!

So I present to you three free methods of directing traffic to your website in the following posts:


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