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Logo Design for Dentists

Take out your business card and look at it.  Do you see a picture that looks something like this?

Or even this?

Maybe it’s just my personal taste, but I don’t like these logos at all.  They’re generic.  Any dentist in the world could have them.  Also, they’re a bit silly-looking; not too professional.

Logos make a statement every time you hand out a business card, send out a letter on your stationary, or someone visits your website.  If you have a generic logo, you’re missing out on an opportunity to make a nice impression.  The “happy tooth brushing itself” will go completely unnoticed or get noticed for the wrong reasons.

Would you want to see a cardiac surgeon who had a business card with a cartoon heart doing push ups?  Me neither.

A quick aside: the one exception to my rule about avoiding cartoon logos is pediatric dentists.  It can be to their advantage to have playful and silly cartoons on their business cards and stationary.

Logos won’t make or break your practice; it’s only one part of the overall impression you impart to your patients and potential patients.  But I think it’s an important part that is often overlooked.

I’ve worked with Bennett Gold, a professional designer, for both my practice logo and for The Curious Dentist logo.

Here is my practice logo:

Modern, yet classic.  Soothing colors.  No dancing teeth.

I’m not opposed to having teeth in the logo.  Many dentists have something that looks like this:

This is fine with me.  It doesn’t have that unprofessional, cartoon look.  But it doesn’t really stand out either.  I’ve seen a lot of periodontists and oral surgeons blend a stylized tooth like the one above with a stylized implant.  Again, that will work fine but it won’t stand out.

Here is a terrific logo for Drs. Randy and Jared Kay:

Notice that the three figures suggest the shape of a tooth without making it too obvious.  The embracing figures lend a warmth and a subtle reinforcement that this is a family practice owned by a father and son.  Very nice.

I recommend hiring a designer for your logo.  It should only cost a couple hundred dollars and it’s well worth it.  Typically the designer will show you three designs at a time.  When you find something you like, you can make revisions until it’s just right.

If you don’t know any designers personally, check out websites like Logo Design Company and Logo Design Guru.  Here you can have multiple designers submit quality work for you to select.

Do you have a great logo?  Feel free to submit a picture of yours in the comments section below.


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