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How to Make a Video to Promote Your Event or Business

Video content is king!

Looking for new ways to attract patients?  Are you trying to increase attendance at a dental society or dental student function?

Last month I wrote a post about a great event hosted by the New York State Dental Association called “Race to Saratoga.”  We had a nice turnout and are looking forward to doing it again next year.  Sure, we’ll boost our participation through word of mouth, but I decided to use the power of video to give us a head start.

Here’s the result:


Short and sweet.

Here’s how you can do it:

(1) Buy a video camera Pick up a Flip UltraHD or a Kodak Zi8.  I have both and I prefer the Zi8 because it also allows you to take regular photographs.  These are highly portable, easy to use, and not expensive.

Kodak Zi8 is my favorite new toy.

(2) Shoot some footage

If you’re using this video to promote your office, tape your reception area, treatment rooms, outside of the building, and other attractive locations.  Interview friendly staff and tape yourself welcoming potential patients to the practice.  I’ll write another post about more content ideas.

If you’re using this video to promote an event, get images of the food and beverages, candid shots of groups of people having fun, and short interviews of some attendees talking about the event.

Remember to always make sure you have permission to record anyone that appears on your video and let them know how it will be used!

(3) Putting it together in the editing room

I used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit my movie.  It’s free!  Mac users will want to pick up iMovie from their application store.  I converted the footage from my Flip and Kodak cameras into .mpeg file using “Any Video Converter,” a free and easy video converter program.

You’ll need to add some music, so go to Google and search for “royalty free music.”  There are several websites that have free music to download that will make the perfect soundtrack to your film.

If you need help learning your editing software, check out YouTube.  Here’s a great video that walks you through using Windows Live Movie Maker.

I recommend making your video as short as possible.  Under two minutes is usually a good idea.

(4) Publish

Now that you’re done, publish your movie on Facebook, YouTube, or on your website.  Personally, I publish on YouTube first because it is very easy to then distribute the video to other sites from there.


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