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Great Event Ideas for Your Dental Society #1

I’m starting a new series that will occasionally highlight amazing events from around the world that bring dentists together.  Whether your looking for networking, continuing education, or just having fun, it’s healthy for our profession to get out of our offices and meet one another as colleagues.  In this series, I want to show you the best of the best events in the hopes that you will be inspired to start a similar event in your own backyard.

Today I’m driving up to beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York for what promises to be one of the best events I’ve attended in organized dentistry.

On the surface, “Race to Saratoga” is a free oral cancer screening provided by volunteer dentists and hygienists at the Saratoga Race Track.  A nice, feel-good event, right?  But it’s so much more.

First, I’d like to give thanks to the team at the New York State Dental Association, Fourth District Dental Society and the Nassau County Dental Society for hosting this awesome event.  Special thanks to Dr. Kendra Zappia for leading the way to gear this event for young dentists.

So why does this event rank highly on my list?  Here’s the beauty of it:

(1) Community Service

A free oral cancer screenings for a high-risk population is already a great idea.  And I do mean a HIGH-RISK population.

Pretty much the standard diet.

So there’s a chance to spot lesions and help save some lives.  Fantastic!  But there’s also the unmeasurable benefit of simply increasing awareness about oral cancer and dental health in general.

(2) Networking

I always have a higher opinion of someone when I see them give up their time for an event like this.  If this person is a specialist in my area, I’ll definitely be more likely to refer patients to them.

(3) Fun

After the screening, there will be a sponsored social event at a local restaurant to thank the volunteers for their time.  Spending a beautiful summer evening in Saratoga Springs with new and old friends sounds like a great idea to me.

Does your dental society have a great event?  Contact me with details and I’d love to highlight you in the next part of this series.


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