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Curious Poll: How Much Did Dental School Cost?

This may be the greatest burden of our generation.

The price of higher education has sky rocketed across the board for both graduate and undergraduate programs.  Dental schools seem to be leading the charge with some graduates reporting being as much as $250,000 in the hole.

I believe that if young dentists are saddled with such heavy financial loads then we will be limited (1) in our options for practice and (2) in our ability to contribute to organizations like the ADA, AGD, AACD, etc.

So let’s take an informal poll.  All answers are completely anonymous.  Let’s get an idea of how much money you owed when you graduated dental school.  Not how much money you currently still owe, but rather, what was your balance due upon graduation?

UPDATE: The poll is now closed and the results can be seen here.


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