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Better Marketing and Communication Through Infographics

Oh man, I’m a sucker for a great infographic.  It’s a rare opportunity for science and art to mix together with sound marketing  and design principles.

Infographics function on the following premise:

People want useful information.

People are more likely to consume the information if it is presented in an interesting way.

Visual media make boring information more interesting.

For example, one of the first posts I wrote on The Curious Dentist was The Chairside Implant Space Planning Guide, which looks like this:

Instead of just listing the dimensions required for placing an implant, I organized them visually.  The guide only requires a brief background to explain how to use it and it can then be a handy reminder when planning a case.

Well my little infographic is cute, but there are much cooler ones out there.  Check out for a taste of how other people are organizing information in beautiful and creative ways.

Wouldn’t this be a great way to engage your patients and potential patients?  If you have a brochure, direct mail campaign, or newspaper ad, an infographic could make it jump off the page a lot better.

Want to make one yourself?  I made the implant guide using Microsoft PowerPoint (or Keynote, for you Mac lovers out there).  If you want to kick it up a notch, you may want to consider spending a little money using a site like, which will help you produce your work of art.


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