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An Amusing Webinar on Implant Hygiene

I’ve been writing and lecturing  with periodontist Dr. Scott Froum for several years now and it’s never boring.  We both have an energetic style and a similar sense of humor so when we take the stage together we have a great time.

We recently published a webcast on implant hygiene called “The Hygienist’s Role in Implant Therapy: An Introduction.”  Although we’ve done a few webinars before we presumed we had to be all formal and serious for some reason.  Well we gave up on that this time and tried to capture some of fun we have when we lecture live.

Although the course is intended for hygienists, it is 100% relevant for dentists as well.  And dentists can get CE credit just the same.  If your interested in learning about how to treat implant diseases in your practice then this presentation is totally for you.  I promise it won’t be dull.

Perhaps the best part is that you can watch it for free.  If you choose to take the CE quiz at the end then you can get 1 CE credit for $20.

So sit back, pour a glass of wine, and watch Scott and I make fun of each other.


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