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A Ton of Free Practice Management Podcasts

How do we get more new patients?  What kinds of insurance do we need?  How to we juggle the finances of a practice?

I devote many of the posts on this blog towards these and other practice management issues.  But it’s nice to hear some other opinions.  Over the past few years the American Dental Association has developed a series of short podcasts to help us become better at the business side of dentistry.  And they’re free!

Some true experts in the field have been interviewed: Dr. Paul Homoly on increasing case acceptance; Dr. Mark Hyman on attracting new patients to the practice; Dr. Jason Lipscomb on using social media, and so on.  By the way, all three of them have presented at the ADA New Dentist Conference I was honored to be asked to do one on “How to Start a Study Club” that I’m proud of.

Check out this link and start exploring!


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