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A Three-Unit Bridge on a Bruxer

Once upon a time I would get annoyed with bridges.  I’d go through all the steps but in the end I wouldn’t LOVE the cosmetics or one of the margins would be open on the radiograph.  Yuck.

But a couple of things changed.  First, I kept working to improve my skills and it eventually paid off.  Second, the technology got SO much better.

The ability to predictably use all-ceramic materials for bridges has taken care of any cosmetic concerns I used to have.  The added bonus of using ultra strong porcelains like zirconia and lithium disilicate also allows me to keep my margins supra-gingival (in the posterior) or equi-gingival (in the anterior).  No more slightly subgingival margins for me!  That makes impressions and fabrication of the final prosthesis a whole lot easier.

I just had a CE course published in Dental Learning called “Delivering Optimal Results for Fixed Partial Dentures.”  Click the link to check it out online.  You can choose to pay to get CE credit or just read the entire piece for free.  You’ll see how I use full-contour zirconia to its full advantages.  You’ll also get a fascinating peek into the laboratory process for using CAD/CAM to mill zirconia.


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