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5 New Features for The Curious Dentist

Hello my friends!

The past year of blogging has been one of the greatest thrills of my dental career and it’s all thanks to you.  I really appreciate all of your questions, feedback, and support.

First, here’s what will never change:

I will continue to host a free site.  I enjoy sharing my research and discoveries with you.  I love the interaction and debate that my posts generate.  Dentistry is a challenging profession; we’re all in this together!

I will continue to post approximately twice a week.  Sometimes my schedule becomes a bit too hectic with traveling, lecturing, and volunteering for the American Dental Association.  Occasionally I can only post once a week.

So here are the 5 new features on a new and improved The Curious Dentist:

(1) The Curious Dentist YouTube Channel

I’m entering the world of video blogging!  I now have the necessary equipment to use video to enhance our discussions of clinical dentistry and practice management.  I’m able to walk you through my techniques, showcase my favorite materials, interview experts, and so much more.

(2) The Curious Dentist Store

Some topics are too big for a blog post.  Sometimes I start writing and I can’t stop.  My research leads me deeper and deeper, searching for answers to our common questions.  My curiosity gets the better of me and suddenly I realize I’ve written 20 pages.

I’ve decided to write e-books for these situations.  There’s a new “Store” button you’ll see on the upper right-hand corner that will lead you to this content.  Download the e-books that pique your interest and enjoy!  I will charge a nominal fee for the e-books to offset the costs of hosting this website.

I’ll publish my first e-book on this site in a few days.  I’m so excited to share it with you!  It’s about TMJ, TMD, occlusion, and occlusal correction.  I think you’ll find it to be very practical.

(3) Getting Connected

Don’t you hate it when websites make you sign in with a username and password?  I refuse to do that here.

Many of you get updates about my posts by linking me on Facebook and Twitter.  I really appreciate all of you who choose to “Like” or “Follow” this blog through social media.  I want to build a positive online community of dental professionals and each of you has helped create that atmosphere.

I’m pleased to announce a new way for us to stay in touch.  I’m in the process of developing a e-newsletter for The Curious Dentist.  I won’t spam you.  I won’t sell your e-mails to companies.  I’ll send you an occasional e-mail to highlight any posts you may have missed.  Also, this is a great way to stay in touch if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter.

But there’s more!  My goal is to get enough subscribers to the e-newsletter that we can use our community as leverage.  I want companies to offer us great deals on their products that can’t be found elsewhere.  Strength in numbers!

(4) More Guest Authors

There are so many brilliant people I’ve met in my travels and I want them to share their insights with us.  We’ve enjoyed having Dan Bruce, DDS as a guest blogger this year.  I’m currently speaking with a few individuals to develop more posts for this site.

(5) Easier Navigation

I’ve improved the interface for the Clinical Dentistry and Practice Management archives.  The Search button is still the best way to find any posts on a particular topic.  But if you enjoy strolling though my latest posts in either of the main categories, you’ll find it easier to find what you like.


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