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5 Dumb Distractions for the 5 Minutes Between Patients

You have a few minutes to kill before your next patient arrives.

Your charts are written up.  You’ve already checked Facebook twice today.  There are no phone calls or texts to return.

A dentist’s day can have several of these five minute slices of life.  It’s not enough time to begin a serious project but it’s long enough that you get bored.

Every now and then we just need to turn our brains off and be entertained.  Well here are five incredibly stupid websites that will offer a few minutes of distraction before you see your next patient.  Warning: these are really, awesomely dumb.

(1) Find the Invisible Cow – Play hot and cold looking for a cow.  I visit this site far more than I care to admit.

(2) A Stretchy Hand – You will play with this for about a minute and then probably never look at it again.

(3) The Nicest Place on the Internet – Free hugs are perfect to cheer you up after a stressful patient.

(4) Geo Guesser – Insanely fun distraction for the geography detectives out there.

(5) Rainy Mood – Sit back, close your eyes, and meditate.  I guarantee you will be super chilled out for your next patient.


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