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4 Tips for an End of Day Huddle

Many of you probably have a “morning huddle.”  You assemble your team a few minutes before the first patient and discuss the day that lies ahead of you.  It’s a great way to anticipate challenges, review billing questions, and ensure a high level of personal attention for your patients.

I recently introduced an “end of day huddle” as an experiment and I love it.  There are some days it can’t be done due to prior engagements, after work meetings, running late, etc.  And let’s face it… everybody just want sot go home after a long day.  But taking 5 minutes to review the day has become an invaluable learning opportunity for me and my team.  Here’s what we look at:

(1) Patient problems

Was someone unhappy about their treatment?  Was someone raising a stink in the reception area?  Sometimes patients will be unhappy with an aspect of their care but choose to not share it with you.  You’ll be amazed what you learn by asking your team what they observe.  It’s important to not let the conversation turn into a complaint session!  Yes, some patients can be frustrating, but try to limit negative comments and press on.  Most importantly, I want to generate a list of patients that I think need a phone call that night.  Patients who went through big procedures like extractions deserve a call in the evening.  Let them know you care.

(2) Billing concerns

This blew me away.  I really didn’t have a great understanding of what my office was collecting at the end of the day.  Sure, I could look at the day sheet, but reviewing it with the front desk tells the full story.  As you discuss the details of the cash coming into your practice you will discover little tweaks to improve it.

"My dental treatment costs money? I thought it was free."

(3) Flow

Did everything run smoothly?  Was there a moment that you felt stretched thin and stressed out?  Chat about the schedule, time given for procedures, turn over of rooms, and other elements that made the flow of the day better or worse.

(4) Compliment the team

What were the challenges of the day that your team overcame?  People should be publicly acknowledged when they work extra hard for you.  Call out the people who delivered a high level of service to your patients.  Recognize an effort to keep things running smoothly.  Congratulate someone who came up with a creative solution for a problem.  This is the most important part of the end of day huddle!


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