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4 Powerful Sources to Find Your Next Dental Job

Trying to find the right practice to join from a newspaper or want ad can be tricky.  You’re walking into the office blind!  Even if everything looks good on the surface (owner and staff seem nice, new equipment, etc), appearances can be deceiving.

The best way to get a quality lead on a potential job opportunity is to know the owner dentist for years before you apply.  Of course, that’s rarely the case.  So, instead, rely on other people who have known the dentist for years.  Trust in people who have candid and honest opinions about the dentist.  They can tell you about the quality of the work, history of past associates, earning potential, and other bits of information that you probably won’t get on an interview.

So who are the people you can trust to give you the scoop?  Right here:

(1) Sales reps

Your friendly neighborhood sales rep has already done the work of knocking on a lot of doors for you.  Are you looking to become an implant powerhouse?  Talk to an implant sales rep about who his/her big clients are.  Want to be in a practice placing a lot of CEREC restorations?  Talk to the CEREC rep.  Savvy sales reps will make it a priority to help you find a lovely practice to join because they want your business.  Everyone wins.

(2) Local dental society

If you’re involved with a local dental society, you already know that you have countless opportunities to meet the dentists in your area.  If none of them are hiring, they at least might know of someone who is.  Also, the more senior dentists in the society can be an awesome reference.  You can get quality information about what practices to avoid, which is priceless.

(3) Study clubs

Even as a resident you may find that there are local study clubs that will invite you as a guest.  Just like a dental society function, you’ll get to rub elbows with owners in the area and get to know who’s out there.  Meeting a dentist over a drink and dinner a few times at a study club is like going on an interview without being interviewed.  Everyone’s guard is down and you can get a real sense of who your potential new boss really is.

(4) Dental labs

If you really want to get the inside scoop on who does great work, look no further than a dental lab.  They see everyone at their best and their worst.  Some lab technicians and lab owners have a terrific grasp on all the latest dental gossip.  And just like sales reps, a dental lab has a vested interest in helping you find a happy place in the hopes that you will send them your work.


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