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4 Fun Dental Blogs to Cheer You Up

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Feeling a little stressed?  Down in the dumps?  I’ve written about the five best dental blogs that I  read, but I’d like to add these four to the list.  They aren’t about dentistry specifically, rather they are more like lifestyle blogs by our dental colleagues.  Either way, they’ll be sure to put that smile back on your face.

Erica's Sweettooth

Erica loves teeth and dessert.  She finds and creates recipes for ridiculously delicious goodies to keep your inner baker busy.  She’s also an accomplished photographer so her dessert looks even more mouth-watering.


Colleen Green just finished her term as National President of the American Student Dental Association.  She’s been blogging on the side sharing her adventures, musings, and curated bits from the internet.


All the emotions and stress of dental school expressed through animated gifs.  Endlessly entertaining.

I am always amazed by people like Carolyn Norton who have insatiable reading appetites.  Carolyn just started this blog where literary dentists can trade favorites and dissect plots.


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