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3 Resources for Making Your Endo Awesome

You may have noticed that I don’t write about endodontics on this blog.  First, let me say that I enjoy endo because it can be filled with those magic moments in dentistry that make you feel like a million bucks.

Look!  I found four canals!

Look! I found four canals!

Look!  I removed the palatal nerve intact!

Look! I removed the palatal nerve intact!

So yeah, endo can be a lot of fun.  But I just don’t consider myself to be an endo expert and I don’t feel that I have much to contribute to my fellow clinicians.  Instead, I’d like to share with you three excellent resources written by dentists who DO have great insights to share.

Four endodontists have been discussing the philosophy of endo and sharing their cases since 2007, which is old in blog years.  They’ve built up a terrific archive of material on a variety of topics to help you gain more confidence.  It’s an outstanding educational resource.

Each month, Dr. Diwakar Kinra compiles great articles from various authors for endodontists and for general dentists looking to increase their skill set.  This is an e-newsletter subscription service and you can sign up at this link here.  To check out a sample newsletter, click here.

You’ll need to sign up as a Dentaltown member to access this section of their message boards, but it’s quick and free.  There are some very candid conversations between dentists about their cases, which can be an excellent learning experience.  Rather than just hear one author tell you what they think is correct, you get several opinions over the course of several dialogues.


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