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3 Inexpensive Ways to Spice Up Your Reception Area

Getting tired of looking at the same old generic art work?  So are your patients.

Your reception area is one of the most important rooms in your office!  It’s one of the first impressions for a new patient and sets the tone for your personal brand.

New artwork, a new television, new furniture, new paint, new floors/carpet are all good investments, but costly and/or time-consuming to implement.

Here are three strategies to quickly and easily bring some new life into your reception area.

(1) Buy a Digital Picture Frame

Please do this!  For less than $100 you can bring some slick technology into your office.  Set up a slideshow of some nice before and after photos, pictures of your friendly staff, etc.  These have been around for a while but I rarely see them used.  This is far more visually appealing than looking at some old, dusty photo album of your cases.

(2) Let Patients Display Their Business Cards

I wrote a post last year called ‘Networking for Your Patients” in which I discuss this.  Find some free space to let patients lay out their brochures, business cards, and other promotional materials.  Any business it generates for someone will turn them into a very happy patient.  Very happy patients are the kind of patients that like to refer you more patients.

The other benefit is that it let’s patients know you care about their businesses.  I’ve written before in this post how dentists are in a unique position to become excellent networking hubs in their communities.

A word of advice: have your front desk keep this area tidy.  A nice display of cards and pamphlets can become a messy pile without some maintenance.

(3) Advertise Your Social Media Campaign

Do your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Foursquare campaigns need a boost?  Buy a small picture frame and display the logos for your social media outlets.  When patients are waiting in your reception area, they may just take out their smart phone and “Like,” “Follow,” or “Join” your online presence.

Even if they don’t, showing the now-famous social media logos makes a statement that you are keeping up with trends.


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