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Patient Discounts

Let me be clear: I am not a fan of offering patients discounts just to “sell” a case.  Chopping down your fees just to appease a bargain shopper trains patients to become consumers for their health care.  As I’ve written before, I would much rather add value to a case.

However I absolutely have grown my practice by offering discounts to groups of people who might not otherwise be able to afford care.  My office has a standing policy to offer a 20% discount to patients without insurance who work in two particular industries:  (1) Food and Beverage, and (2) Health and Beauty.

Bartenders, personal trainers, waiters, hair stylists, restaurant managers… these are people who typically don’t have any dental benefits and could use some assistance.  You may think that 20% is pretty high, but as a PPO provider I routinely get paid 25-50% less than my private fees.  And a nice bonus of this strategy is that these groups can become your best sales force.  Think of how many potential patients these folks encounter on a daily basis.

Offering a global discount to an industry is a nice way to give back to your community without accidentally training patients to become consumers.


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