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4 Reasons Neoss Makes the Best Implant Impression Coping

I’ve heard many dentists say that implant companies are all the same.  The parts and pieces are only a little different and the results are indistinguishable.

I couldn’t disagree more!

I’ve restored several different implant systems and have studied even more.  I don’t think that any particular company is vastly better than the others.  It is true that you can get great results with many of the products out there.  However there are some products that make our lives a little easier.  They let us accomplish our treatment more efficiently.  Fewer headaches with our equipment means we can focus our energy on the more important aspects of patient care.

Neoss is one of those companies.  They offer several products with features that will make you smile.

One of my favorite Neoss innovations is their impression coping.  Here’s what it looks like when you order one from your local sales representative:

Neoss impression coping straight from the package

There are a few reasons why this design makes our lives easier when restoring an implant:

(1) It can be used for both open or closed tray techniques

There are times when I think I am going to use a closed tray technique but I change my mind once I see the angulation of the implant(s).  This happens more frequently with full arch cases.

If I want to use an open tray technique, I take the pin with the plastic tube and insert it into the retentive element, like this:

Open tray technique

If I want to use a closed tray technique, I simply remove the plastic tube from the pin and snap on the red cap.  The red cap gets picked up in the impression material and we’re good to go.

Closed tray technique

Since the package comes with both open and closed tray pieces, you don’t have to worry about ordering the correct impression coping or changing your mind.

(2) It works great for open tray technique

If you’re a fan of the open tray technique, you’ll be familiar with the frustration of frantically searching for the coping while taking the impression.  If there are multiple implants, you will have to work fast to expose the pins on all of them before the impression material sets.

The Neoss open tray impression coping is awesome.  The plastic tube is quite tall, which means it sticks up high above the tray.


You won’t have any trouble finding that during your impression.  If the plastic tube is too tall (e.g. a maxillary second molar scenario) you can simply trim the plastic to your specifications.

(3) One size fits all

There are only two diameters of impression coping.  One is made especially for the 3.25 implant, the other fits all the other diameter implants.  This is great!  I only have to stock one kind of impression coping.  It is both open and closed tray and one size fits all.

(4) It comes packaged with the replica

Another nice feature is that the implant replica comes with the impression coping packaging.  I hate it when I forget to order the replica from other companies and I have to place another order.  It’s not the end of the world, but it adds another step to my day.



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